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Table of Contents

In observance of the Millennium,THE LYNX 2000 AWARDS is an extension of THE LYNX AWARDS.
The Lynx Awards will remain the same with some minor changes. The Lynx 2000 Awards will be a separate award. This is a limited edition award. This award will be offered for The Year 2000 ONLY.
After December 2000, this award site will either shut down or change to another award site.

The purpose of THE LYNX 2000 AWARD is to recognize personal homepages. There is no need to be a Master, for as you can see, I am not. All personal homepages are welcome to apply. PLEASE READ CRITERIA, RULES, JUDGING before applying. Basic use of html is a requirement. Simple or complex--all have a chance.

This award is not automatic. There will be only twelve winners a month. This Awards program does not critique pages. There is not a guestbook on this page. Any comments you may have, please use the
e-mail form.
Any comments , will not be considered in the Judging.

THE LYNX 2000 AWARDS site will not apply for any awards and will not accept any awards
Again,Please read Criteria and Judging before applying. There are some things which will automatically dis-qualify your page.
I will not sign guestbooks. If you want to know if I visited your page, put a statistic counter on your page, my server is

THE LYNX 2000 AWARDS is a subsidiary of THE LYNX AWARDS which is a site solely owned and operated by ALYNX a subsidiary of MEnSC an unfortunate 500 company.