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JJD raisedLinks

JJD raisedLinks provides you with intelligently reactive and highly versatile 3D buttons for your Web pages!

Use the links above and visit the relevant pages on JJD's Web site to learn more about customising raisedLinks to meet your own Web site needs.

Unique features of raisedLinks include:
* Realistic 3D effect created using Java's advanced graphics routines, giving Web-pages a unique look and feel.
* Intelligently reactive buttons which can be adjusted to behave in a multitude of ways in repsonse to user interaction.
* Fully definable colour attributes: initial colour of background, frame, button, and text colour of button and text when mouse cursor over color of button and text when link selected
* Fully definable text attributes: height and basic style (e.g. plain, bold) shaddow effects - colour can be a set colour, or a darker or brighter colour than the button text spacing within button (vertical and horizontal buffering).

If you're using raisedLinks, why not get the JJD link button to provide a link to this site - in return, we add you to the new user area!

To find out what other applets are available, why not visit the JJD home page now!